this is my friend

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do you have any fucking idea how much we freaked out when we saw the poster for epic

how do you cosplay when you’re already the character

The resemblance IS uncanny!

Incredible Photographs of Fractals Found in the Natural World

Fractal is described or characterized as “self-similarity.” Self-similarity refers to the reiteration of a specific pattern where a fragment of the object, figure or illustration appears similar to the whole. This trait is observable in the fern leaf, rivers, galaxies, clouds, video feedback, crystal growth and financial markets.(1)

Here are some of the most stunning examples of these repeating patterns that look the same no matter how far you zoom in or out.


New Spring/Summer setup: Elephant Brand/Black Flag deck with Indy’s & OJ2’s

Today is a good day.

Alan Watts - How We Define Ourselves

Listen I know you’ll see Jim Carrey and think “Oh that Hack.” Well, you honestly don’t know the real him, this is the real Jim Carrey discussing his spiritual awakening as the description says “Jim Carrey as you have never seen him before. His honest, candid, humble self discussing openly his life-long pursuit for meaning and purpose, his encounters with Awakening and his optimistic view of the emerging “New Earth.”

Short Terence Mckenna spoken word set to pictures, Terence Mckenna - Culture Is Your Operating system

Bioglass helping to mend bones

[…] Bones are capable of regenerating themselves if they suffer slight damage. But if the damage is above a certain degree, bone lacks the capability of mending itself. When breaks are too big, bones need to be helped. Even today, metal nails or other components are often inserted to help these breaks to mend. So, once the bone has mended, a second operation has to be performed to extract these components. The aim of these new materials or implants is, among other things, to obviate the need for the second operation.

These materials or implants that are of interest in medicine have to meet a number of requirements before they can be used in therapeutic applications. Among other things, the materials have to be biocompatible, in other words, they must not damage the cells or the organism itself. At the same time, being biodegradable is also a very interesting property, so that the body will easily convert them into metabolic products that are not toxic. But other factors also have to be taken into consideration: mechanical robustness and the straightforward nature of the production process, for example.

With all this in mind, the UPV/EHU researchers are synthesising and shaping tailor-made bioimplants. The main component, on the whole, tends to be a biodegradable polymer, in other words, one that will gradually disappear as the bone occupies its own place. As the polymer is too soft, bioglass was added to the polymer in this piece of work. Bioglass is a bioactive agent and helps the bone to regenerate; what is more, it gives the polymer tough mechanical properties. So the biodegradable polymer/bioglass composite system is stiffer and tougher than the polymer alone. […]

Source: eurekalert.org